Change Windows to mac

How Can you Convert Windows 8 to mac?

Screenshot (1)we can change wins to mac by 3 simple steps

  1. Download the file on the link:
  2. install and launch the file
  3. 2 shortcut is created as tray and menu. Double Click the tray first
  4. Another Setup of Nexus will be launch, run it.
  5. Right on the dock(or tray) while appered at top and click on NeXus, Preferences
  6. Goto Position tab, click on the dropbox whilch has writen top and then click bottom
  7. Goto Appearance, and check Hide dock control icon
  8. Goto to Theme and click on Leonida3Dthin
  9. Double Click on menu and Run the Setup.(It will ask for restart)
  10. Goto Start, ObjectBar then a window will appear choose macpc on click load

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